Growing a Freelance Motion Design Business

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Proven, Flexible Systems

Duplicate the quote building system I used to increase my prices, negotiate big deals, and 2x my freelance income all while working LESS and sticking to just the fundamentals of motion design.

Real Numbers

Take a look under the hood and see exactly how I build quotes. I go in-depth on the value of specific work, how to "price your client," and break down my own annual income with full transparency.


There are a lot of myths surrounding negotiation. Learn how to work through hurdles and land bigger project deals that get you and your client excited, without the aggressive sales techniques.


Struggle with pricing your work

Get anxious talking to clients about money

Don’t know how to tell long-term clients that you've raised your rates

Don’t know what day rate is right for you

Don’t think your work is “good enough” to charge more

Want to learn how to negotiate bigger projects

Want to learn how to build quotes with confidence and start beating your financial goals…

I've been there. I built this course for you.

Gain Pricing Confidence

Last year I made $247k as a freelance motion designer.

⚡ Quick story ⚡

I started writing this course in 2020. I had been steadily making $100,000-$125,000 a year as a freelance motion designer and thought I had some valuable insights to share.

But, as I wrapped up the writing and shooting for the course, I realized I hadn't been honestly following all of my own advice. I wasn't charging enough, and I wasn't raising my prices regularly. I also wasn't letting go of clients who couldn't support me.

So I challenged myself to do better and try a taste of my own medicine. It worked.

In 2021 I invoiced for $246,993, nearly doubling my income. 

All killer, no filler.

This course is the culmination of my experiences and all the valuable lessons I've learned from other freelancers, business owners, and gurus densely packed into just a few hours of content. I'd suggest taking notes, but I also provide cheat sheets. 💅

We're going to answer some tactical questions:

  • What's the project worth?
  • How long is it going to take?
  • What would another designer charge?

And address common insecurities:

  • Am I good enough to charge that price?
  • Can the client afford it?
  • What if I need the work?

Plus supplemental materials to help you put these ideas into action: cheat sheets, email scripts, and client-finding tips. I do a scene-by-scene analysis of my own reel to break down the kind of skills you'll need (and some you won't). As a bonus, you'll also enjoy a deep dive interview with Austin Saylor to discuss Project $200k and his tips for freelancers.

Let's talk about money.

It's only awkward when you don't know how much value you're providing. Hint: it's a lot! But you can't have confidence in your price until you've broken down the numbers. Once building your quotes is reduced to a finely-honed process, your money-talk anxieties will begin to melt away.

I built the course I wish I had when I started freelancing. Now it can be yours.

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What You'll Learn

16 modules with bonus content. Roughly 3 hours of content depending on how fast you watch/read.

Get in before the price doubles. 

I've already received so much great feedback and version 2.0 is in-development. I can't wait to release the all-new and 10X-improved version of this course, but when that happens, the price will go up forever.

You can have all of my pricing knowledge now AND future versions of the course for less than the cost of what your hourly rate should be.