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Free Chapter: Demo Reel Analysis

How good do you have to be? See for yourself.

What does a $247k demo reel look like? How good do you have to be to make $100k or $200k+ as a freelance motion designer? I think you'll be surprised.

  • Scene by scene breakdown
  • My best advice for reels
  • Top skills you should have

The skills you pick up along your motion design journey directly impact your career options.

I've chosen to focus my services in a particular way that allows me to serve a wide variety of clients efficiently. You may have different priorities for your career, and so your reel and your clients will look different than mine.

But, the way I see it, I've stuck to the fundamentals— and that's all it takes.

Check out this free chapter from my course on Pricing for Motion Design. See how your work compares and start thinking about what that means for your income. Do you need to do some upskilling? Or should you be making more than me already?

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